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Refine Starry Grey Quartz Countertop Phoenix AZ

Material/Color Selections

Material/Color Selections-When working with Granite Dude there are several different material options available. We work with granite, marble, quartzite, engineered quartz, dolomite, soapstone, and onyx. If desired one of our team members can meet you to go over material options. We source all our stone locally from all the major wholesalers in the metropolitan Phoenix area. Natural stone is imported from all over the world, the majority that is available in the US comes from Brazil, Italy, India, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and here in the US. Engineered Quartz also comes from many parts of the world. Silestone comes from Spain, Caesarstone comes from Israel and Cambria comes from the US. Many of the other available quartz brands come from Vietnam, Mylasia, Taiwan and Spain.

edge detail

Edge Detail

Edge Detail-When getting new countertops, there are several different edges to consider and choose from. Some of our standard edges include eased, beveled, demi bullnose and flat polished. Some of the upgraded edges include Mitered, crescent, full bull nose and knife. Another design option is to make the edge thicker than standard, a 3” edge makes for a custom look that really stands out. Speaking of custom, another option to consider is a waterfall edge where the countertops are continued vertically down a cabinet run to the floor. They look incredible when installed on an island that also has an overhang for bar seating. With waterfalls, the only edge option is the miter the edges, so the material looks continuous like a true waterfall. Ideally the material selection has a lot of movement and veins, and the slabs are perfectly book matched to one another to create the waterfall that truly flows. This is a custom look that elevates any home.

Bathroom Sink Counter-Top


Sinks are another design detail that you need to consider for your project. On most projects, we provide sinks incorporated into the project costs to help save our clients time and money. We work hand in hand with WSI-World Stone Imports as they have a great selection and fantastic service. The sinks we offer can be seen at

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Backsplashes are only done on a project if it is coming out of the same slab of material. The most common back splashes are 4-6”. For a statement, consider doing full backsplash where the countertop material is continued up the wall to the upper cabinets, or potentially just consider full splash behind a stove or cooktop. This is another design detail that will set your project apart, we can also do custom backsplash.

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