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Frequently Asked Questions

Best way to clean natural stone is with warm soapy water. Avoid cleaners that are bleach, acid or ammonia based, they can damage your sealer as well as your stone. 

All natural stone must be sealed. Granite Dude will seal your natural stone when installed. Some stone should be sealed on a yearly basis, some stone can be sealed every few years, this will just depend on how porous your stone is. Engineered Quartz material does not need to be sealed. The process of sealing is something you can easily do yourself, sealers can be found online or in home improvement stores. 

If you notice your stone is soaking in water, changing colors, it’s time to re-seal. Clean your counters then let the material completely dry before applying any sealer.

If you have a natural stone, it can take the heat, of course we always recommend protecting your stone anyways. If you have a manmade material, such as Engineered Quartz, we do not recommend placing hot pans directly onto your countertops, always use a trivet or cutting board to place hot items on.

We will drill the necessary holes for faucets, RO systems or disposals as well as mount your sink.  However, Granite Dude is not a licensed plumber and therefore cannot disconnect or reconnect your plumbing.  Any plumbing, electrical or gas line work must be completed by others.  All faucets, RO systems and gas cooktops must be disconnected prior to install and should not be reconnected until the day after installation. 

Yes! If you’d like us to remove your old countertops as part of your installation, let us know and we will add this to your project estimate.

We do not have a showroom as we have close relationships with the major stone yards in the Phoenix area where we are able to source any material.  We are happy to meet you in your home or at a local stone retailer to review material options to best suit your home and your lifestyle. 

For most projects, installation occurs in one day.  You can expect it to be a bit dusty and loud, and you can also expect to notice a smell from the sealer.  However at the end of the day, your dream kitchen will come to life. 

We recommend that backsplashes are completed after the countertops are installed.  To make a statement in your kitchen we can continue the stone from your countertops up the wall for a full stone splash.  If you are looking to do a tile backsplash, we may be able to recommend someone to assist but we do not work with tile. 

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