How To Clean Granite Countertops

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How To Cut Granite Slab
November 19, 2021
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What Is the Best Countertop Material
December 2, 2021
How To Cut Granite Slab
How To Cut Granite Slab
November 19, 2021
What Is the Best Countertop Material
What Is the Best Countertop Material
December 2, 2021

Every house story makes it to the stunning list when we see its countertops made up of granite. Granite countertops never disappoint the view, and it’s always been every homeowner’s desire for adornment. It is a statement — aloud, elegant one! That validates why granite accomplishes the fullness of the masculine and feminine trace of the house. The question is, how to clean granite countertops?

Let’s stretch our knowledge about granite because it’s identified as completely as a natural stone; it’s not man or machine-made. This rock itself is created by volcanoes which would explain why it is sturdy. The minerals that are found in it determine the dissimilarity and pigment of the granite itself.


The early 2000s dictated the popularity of granite countertops when this natural stone is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also resists staining and bacteria and provides lustrous shine without even trying. In actual fact, it’s exemplary to flaunt granite as far superior to any other. These and many more make absolute sense why granite countertops dominated the choice in every household then and now.

Reality is set; granite is harder and stronger than marble; therefore, it is recognized as the utmost durable natural stone that can withstand the test of hot or cold temperature in the house. It is the very motive of guidance why every homeowner streams over granite as their countertops. The superb lasting effect of granite countertops also depends on a specific cleaning routine to ensure it doesn’t wear off and be natural for years to come.

Knowing this above all aids us to raise our consciousness in cleaning our granite countertops with the attention that’s essential to make it unfailingly eye-catching through the years of its usage and endurance over and done days. Make our granite countertops hygienic and stunning most of the time to make them last. Relevantly, there are many simple means to clean and sustain our granite countertops, but we make sure we just don’t clean it but more so preserve it.

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How To Clean Granite Countertops

If we are ready, then let’s begin with the things that we should importantly consider when we clean our granite countertops. First will be the cloth to use, and it’s highly recommended that you use soft cloths whenever we wipe and clean. You can also use soft sponges, but their coverage makes the difference against a soft cloth.

Then comes the question, Why does the cleaning cloth of your granite countertops matter? Simple, you don’t want to compromise the natural shine of your granite stone with the abrasive kinds of cleaning cloth whenever you dab it all out doing your cleaning routine. You should also consider the fact that granite stone isn’t porous as marble, but this does not mean that we just tolerate spills from coming. You still immediately wipe granite countertops with a smooth cloth to prevent dirt and spilling, sabotaging your joy of having a sparkling granite countertop you love beholding.

Now that we know how that type of cloth matters in cleaning our granite countertops, we should also keep in mind the things that we shouldn’t put in our spray bottles when we start cleaning our granite countertops. Some of us feel that putting Windex, vinegar, alcohol, and or bleach does the trick to sanitize and clean up our granite countertops, but this causes more harm than sealing the deal. Let’s all get easy and basic when we clean our granite countertops; just a couple of drops of dish soap and lukewarm water can do all the work.

Cleaning our granite countertops gives us a tiny pleasure of empowerment to go back to good old basic remedies that we typically overlook in our everyday grind. We seldom look for something far-reaching and complex when all we need is just to go back to the basics. By basic, we mean something that we know works no matter the circumstance without any constraint whatsoever.

So when we know of a basic remedy, it’s best that we keep this as our survival kit that will never let us down. Just by looking at our granite countertops, we seldom worry about days to come when it loses its luster and impressive imprint when we can actually just go back to the basics to make it linger, and such is life itself. 

Technology gives us a lot of options on how to do things, but at times, we discover that it gives us confusion than comfort. Its scope teaches us to identify what to do and what to avoid if we want to succeed. Cleaning granite countertops should allow us to discover what’s best from the worst.

Let’s manifest what helps the most and what does not so we can continue doing what is needed rather than wasting efforts. Familiarize with the don’ts in cleaning and maintaining granite countertops to understand better the wanted goals in keeping it moving forward. That being said, let’s not then ignore what to acquire with the helpful “do not do this” when cleaning your granite countertops.

Some of the reliable readings to keep granite countertops clean and enduring all throughout are enumerated. These are the best “Do’s and Don’ts” means to stop us from believing the wrong advice floating around. Keep in mind that cleaning it also challenges the best part of preserving your granite countertops.

Some Helpful Tips on How to Clean Granite Countertops

The very helpful tips we can rely on in cleaning and further caring for our granite countertops are:

  • Do habitual cleaning of spills or dusting off your granite granite
  • Do clean with a soft cloth or soft sponges to avoid unwanted scratches on your countertops.
  • Make use of lukewarm water in cleaning your granite countertops instead of spraying them with some chemically enhanced products. Baking soda mixture is a good alternative.
  • Never use your granite countertops as a substitute for cutting your meats or anything you have in mind.
  • To protect your granite countertops from too much heat, it’s best to still use hot pads as protection. It also gives you that harmony thinking about some unforeseen cracks damaging your granite countertops.
  • Do not store toiletries or any other liquid products directly on your granite countertops. When these things break or leak, this immediately stains the granite countertops destroying their shine and natural color.
  • Do not use lemon, ammonia, vinegar, alcohol, or any hard chemicals to clean your granite countertops; it weakens the sealant and dulls the entire granite. You wouldn’t want to ruin its luster.
  • Refrain from sitting or standing on your granite countertops. Granite may look hard enough, but it is not flexible to be your chair. It doesn’t have plywood backing, so when too much weight is on it, it may crack or may collapse.
  • Do not bleach your granite countertops no matter what they say that bleach effectively disinfects. It can rescind the gloss of your countertops.
  • Do not ignore cracks on your granite countertops; this can be a breeding ground for microorganisms to grow. You surely do not want it when this happens because it can cause you a lot of concern.

Those are simple, practical ways to ensure your long-time connection with your granite countertops, validating your decision to have them. Let’s not fail to recall that granite as a siliceous stone has antibacterial traits and is naturally resistant to anything. In general, we will always opt to be precautious with cleaning our granite countertops because it’s that simple, really.

Now those aforementioned are the genuine deal saving your time, effort, and fear maintaining and cleaning your granite countertops the way it deserves to be. But for the specifics, keep this cleaning granite countertops and hack your best reminder at all times. Follow the simple ways so you can get it all done. Get your heart beam with pride after your cleaning routine so, learn and enjoy!

Materials You May Need 

  • soft cloth (microfiber ones, flannel, or anti-grease cloth)
  • soft sponge (use the foam type)
  • spray bottle (recycled old spray bottles is also wise to use)
  • hand gloves
  • dish soap (hand soap and mild ones)
  • water (lukewarm water is also the best)
  • baking soda (optional) 
  • cooking oil or any ordinary oil (optional)

granite kitchen countertop

Steps on Cleaning Granite Countertops

Step 1: Remove Everything First

If your granite countertops are all but a busy one with all those appliances, decors, keepsakes, food storage, and all other things on them, try removing everything first. Take them all out and store them somewhere safe and clean in the meantime. Once the granite countertop’s free, get ready with your presoaked wet sponge in lukewarm water with 1-2 spoonfuls of baking soda. Use that wet sponge to wipe away any debris that may look long enough that stayed there. If it’s too hard to remove, drop the amount of water on the debris. Let it sit for 1-2 minutes, and rub gently. 

Step 2: Wipe the Granite Calmly

Always remember that granite countertops have sealant on them to give that shine and stain-resistant feature. Hence, you also want to be very careful about that by avoiding using anything too acidic (like alcohol, vinegar, etc). It gives us a fair option of baking soda as the safest and most powerful disinfectant alternative. Calmly wipe granite countertops with your safe version of lukewarm water baking soda-based cleanser as smoothly and evenly as possible.

Step 3: Scrape the Stains

If by chance, your granite countertops have very stubborn stains on them, you might need to use a razor blade to scrape away those stains. Just do this with caution so as not to scratch your granite countertop surface. Note that you should wear thick hand gloves when working with sharp objects. When everything is clear, damp your cloth to your lukewarm water with your dish soap and baking soda mixture, then check the spot where you remove debris; ring your cloth on it and wipe it gently till you feel satisfied that it’s all cleaned up.

Step 4: The Last Touch

To disinfect and make your granite countertops to their full potential again. Soak cloth into lukewarm water, but this time a brand new clean water with 1-2 spoons of baking soda mixture. After soaking the cloth, squeeze it and evenly spread, wiping your granite countertops covering every space. Let dry for about a minute or two. The last touch would be to put a little oil on your granite countertops and wipe it all out to keep it a stain-resistant and glossy shine.



Now that you know the best way to clean and maintain granite countertops, you can be assured of one thing true: Granite countertops can last up to 100 years if properly cared for and clean. Yes, you read it right; it can really withstand that long, and some good things really last, fortunately. Clearly again proper ways to deal with your granite countertops include making sure your counter is resealed with granite sealant every two to four years, depending on your usage. You may also consult your professional granite installer.

Patience to persevere on simple things to make it work is worth reading and sharing, especially now. It takes about a minute or so to truly acquire the information that we need to make things around us work to our advantage. We can share this to help someone out there clean their granite countertops and enjoy what you enjoy too.

Kudos on cleaning your granite countertops with the care it deserves! Now you don’t just know how to clean it the best way possible, but you’ve celebrated a great way to make it last for decades. Enjoy your days ahead free of worry, and just let that granite countertops shine to their finest as you!