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How To Polish Granite Countertops

How To Polish Granite Countertops

How To Polish Granite Countertops

Out of all the materials available in the market for countertops, granite is the number one choice. It is a natural stone that is durable and also heat and scratch-resistant. It would be best to clean your granite counters periodically and keep them free of stains from oils and acids.

Everyone tries to keep their countertops clean all the time. Granite counters are relatively expensive, but they are durable and beautiful. Having them installed in your kitchen was a notable investment. Like other countertops, they can also show wear and tear, so follow polishing steps and make them stunning as if they were brand-new.

Clean the Counters

Before you begin polishing your countertops, clear out all the stubborn crumbs and sticky films using a granite cleaner and soft sponge. After that, get a soft cloth and dry the countertop thoroughly. However, don’t make haste through this step so that the polish application will work well as it should.

Use Your Own Granite Polish

Using these two simple ingredients you have at home, you can safely make your very own granite polishing solution. Just a mixture of one part warm water and three parts of baking soda will do. Baking soda is an incredibly effective, gentle, and versatile cleaner for all kinds of surfaces.

First, mix these two ingredients until smooth,  then apply a thin layer to the countertops using a soft cloth. Next, get another new fabric to wipe and gently buff the counters. Use a damp cloth to remove the remaining polishes for a smooth and shiny surface for the finishing touch.

Buy and Apply Granite Polish

You can find an effective granite polish solution on the market, but always make sure it doesn’t contain too much acid. Granite polish comes in two varieties – wet and dry.  You must follow the manufacturer’s directions for application when buying one.

Use Power Tools

Using a power polisher is a professional method on how to polish granite countertops. But, using these power tools comes with some risks whenever you aren’t adept at these tools. Better to consult with a professional before power polish on your own.

the beauty of granite counters

Other Solutions

Another solution for polishing your granite countertops is applying a fresh layer of sealant. If they remain scratched and dull after cleaning and polishing, you can consider this solution. This sealer is not permanent. However, it will help your worn granite counters to be more excellent.

Granite Countertops Should Retain Their Beauty

Granite is one of the most complex materials in the world. It is an igneous rock composed of quartz and feldspar. Furthermore, granite forms when magma cools and crystallizes below the earth’s surface.

Granite is an excellent popular choice for kitchen counters, floor, and wall tiles. It’s elegant and timeless in any home, and it has heat-resistant properties. Furthermore, granite adds a long-lasting value to your home.

You must have to set aside time to deep clean your countertops to keep them looking new. Also, to keep the protective layer intact of the granite counters, it needs to be occasionally resealed. Make sure to coordinate with your granite installer before proceeding to re-application of the seal.

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