Is Granite Porous

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October 5, 2021
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Investing in granite countertops would be the best move in creating a home, elegant and cost-efficient kitchen. Finished granite countertops could match your kitchen theme with the various colors, designs, and patterns available. Options are immense in terms of creating that perfect kitchen slab that matches your personality and preference. You might also consider asking, is granite porous?

What Makes Granite the Perfect Countertop Choice

If you are looking for a countertop that will withstand kitchen daily chores and use, granite countertops would be the best option. It is more durable and stain-resistant as compared to other types of countertops. It can also withstand heat from cooking pots or cookware used when preparing meals leaving no marks even without using additional mats or metal holders.

Is Granite Porousgranite slab

Granite slabs are essentially made of natural materials and are classified as igneous stones. As compared to other types of stones like metamorphic or sedimentary stones, igneous is less porous. Less porous materials are less likely to absorb water or food and liquid stains such as oil, wine, and sauce. This is what makes granite countertops more durable and is less likely to build up stains and marks on their surface.

How to Make Your Granite Countertop Last

Though considered to be less porous, putting in an added layer of protection would help retain the luster and make your countertop last. It is therefore essential to administer proper care to be able to maximize your granite countertop’s quality. One best way is to apply a sealer which would help seal-off pores where liquid or air could possibly penetrate.

When installing granite countertops, sealing the material is mostly part of the process. This will greatly help not to allow any form of food and liquid particles to penetrate beneath the granite countertop top surface which causes marks, stains, or cuts in the long run. Sealed countertops would just let the liquid stay and bead on the surface and can be quickly wiped off.

When to Re-Seal Granite Countertops

Re-sealing may be done once every year or two or some may even need resealing after a longer period. The re-sealing process may be dependent on how busy your kitchen is – that is, how frequently you use your countertops! The more busy your kitchen is, perhaps a yearly re-sealing would be needed.

You may also do a simple test at home to determine if your countertop needs re-sealing. Simply pour a sample liquid into one area of your countertop and leave it there for 10-15 minutes. If the liquid absorbs by your counter, this may indicate the need to re-seal your countertop.


Granite countertops, with their innate nature, quality, and appearance, would always remain to be the best option when designing your kitchen countertops. Elegance and long-lasting investment are at hand with your home kitchen with a granite countertop. Call a professional granite countertop installer now and make that dream of building a home, elegant, and cost-efficient kitchen a reality!

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